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Asphalt laying in Kyiv

Asphalting and related road work with the use of special equipment in Kyiv at the best prices

In the construction industry, asphalting roads, sites and other sections is a common procedure. Thanks to new technologies and advanced construction equipment, it is possible to obtain strong and durable coatings. Asphalting of sites in Kyiv – is the responsible process which should be carried out by specialists who know all its stages from "A" to "Z".

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Examples of asphalting & road works

AVTOGRAN Group (TOV Avtogran & TOV Olimpiks) has its own fleet of equipment for asphalt paving, road repair, rubble crushing and waste disposal.
Rental prices of the special equipment:

Turning to the AVTOGRAN Company, you can count on high-quality paving of asphalt at any site. Our specialists know almost everything about asphalting roads and sites. Among our customers there are government organizations, private developers, and companies in the field of providing liquefied gas LPG. Compliance with the necessary technologies and the use of quality materials are the main factors due to which our services have been in demand for many years.

We can say with confidence that the projects we have completed, such as the reconstruction of the tram crossing in Mykolaiv, the repair of the roadway in Makariv, Kyiv region, will serve for many years without repair.

What are the stages of asphalt laying

Only at first glance, laying asphalt seems to be a simple matter... In fact, this process is preceded by a thorough preparatory work. First of all, this is the removal of the road cushion and the preparation of the base. When asphalting new areas, a cushion of crushed stone, slag or other material is poured and tamped. If there is a need to repair or partially replace the existing blade, then work is performed to remove the old damaged coating using a special milling machine (for example, Wirtgen Cold Milling Cutter) and power tools.

After the preparation of the base, the asphalt is laid in a continuous layer or in separate sections in case of patching. For these purposes, a special laying machine is used — an asphalt paver and rollers. Often there is a need to install curbs or borders, which should be taken into account at the stage of preparatory work.

Why us

For many years the company AVTOGRAN has been successfully fulfilling orders for asphalt paving and repair of road surfaces. We have accumulated vast experience in road work and have a good technical base, which enables us to perform work quickly and efficiently. Qualified operators and specialists are another reason why you should contact us. We approach each task individually and solve it in the most optimal way.

Our team consists of experienced workers with extensive professional experience. Our arsenal has all the necessary construction licenses, the latest equipment and professional developments, which allow us to approach each task individually, choosing the most optimal solution of all possible. Price on Asphalting works in Kyiv from our company will definitely please you, as well as the quality of the work performed.

  • Dump truck VOLVO 420 FMX 8x6 all-terrain and new generation Backhoe Loader CAT 444F2
  • Asphalting in Makariv — Renault Kerax dump trucks and cold milling machine Wirtgen
  • Asphalting a road in a cottage town Green Hills

Since 2005, more than 90 projects on asphalting have been implemented

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Construction machinery

Dump trucks: Volvo 420 FMX, Renault Kerax 380 и 420
Excavators: Komatsu 450, JCB 330
Hydraulic shears: FINE 45
Blackhoes: CAT 444E, CAT 444F2
Bulldozers: CAT D5K2, Б 10М.0111-1Е
Skid steer: Case 440
Roller: Hamm 3307


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