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About AVTOGRAN Company

About us and our work

AVTOGRAN Company Group brings together two construction organizations: TOV 'Avtogran' and TOV 'Budivelna kompaniya «OLIMPIKS»'. The total number of projects we have implemented over 14 years of work is approaching 200. Our new website: https://kotlovany-demontazh.avtogran.com.ua/

Our history

Our organization works at the Ukrainian construction market since 2004. For 14 years we've successfully completed more than twenty major projects throughout Ukraine - in Kyiv, Crimea, Korosten, Vita-Poshtova, Makarov, Mykolayiv, Baryshivka

Our partners

We cooperate with market leaders. Among our partners there are the companies: 'Ekobud', 'Inbud', 'Zhytloinvestbud', 'Kovalskaya', 'ZhBK-3', 'Ukrgeologiya', 'Zhytlobud', 'Dragon Capital' and other ones with a reputation of reliable builders

Construction technics

Our own machinery pool consists of 17 units of special equipment: 3 dump trucks Renault Kerax 440.42 (payload capacity 35 tons, dumper volume 20 m³), 4 dump trucks Renault Kerax 380.34 (payload 26 tons, capacity 16 m³), bulldozers Б 10М.0111-1Е and CAT D5K2, excavators Komatsu PC 450 LC (the heaviest hydraulic hammer in Kyiv weighing 3.5 tons or bucket) and JCB JS 360 LC (hydrohammer 3 tons or bucket), roller HAMM 3307, skid steer loaders CAT 444 E (hydrohammer or bucket), mini-loader Case 440. Working on their own and, if necessary, get the additional technics from our partners - renting pavers, graders, large cutters, scrapers, gravel/asphalt crushers etc.

Specialist staff

We employ specialists with extensive experience, which allows employees to make the best decisions in all construction activity and comply with the schedule. In addition to specialists of construction specialties, in our staff there are safety professionals who, during the works, monitor their compliance with Ukrainian legislation

History, projects and achievements

  • Earthworks during the dismantling of the Old Respublikansky stadium

    2004 - 2005

    ✨ The area in front of the 'Respublikanskiy' Stadium.
    The first large construction object in Kyiv is the square in front of the 'Respublikanskiy' stadium. To take out a large amount of water-saturated soil, a set of measures for dewatering was carried out. Within 2 months took about 45 000 cubic meters of soil. Complexity: during digging the pit, more than 60% of the soil was removed with 2 excavators by the method of transferring because of the impossibility of the formation of ramp for trucks. Pit depth: 18.5 meters. Was involved in: 2 backhoes, 15 dump trucks, bulldozer.
    ✨ The construction of the microdistrict #3 in Osokorki (Kyiv). Task: to raise the area of 25 hectares by five to six meters. Works: removing the peat, bringing sand and compacting it in layers. Executed work: the removal of peat, bringing of river sand, making of sand base with a layer-by-layer compaction under the pile field of future buildings. Complexity: high water. For 3 years we took part in the construction of 16 houses, a school and 2 kindergartens. In total, about 300 000 m³ of soil were taken out Gallery
  • Digging of one of 15 ditches at construction of the residential district Sotsgorod

    2006 - 2008

    ✨ The preparation of the pit in 'Klovsky Spusk'. Complexity of object: saturated soil. Were involved: 2 crawler excavators with rehandling and 10 dump trucks. Duration: 3 months.
    ✨ The preparation of the pit in 'Kadetsky Gai'. Complexity of object: the urgency and the high leverage of bringing out - 36 km. In that difficult situation, we were helped by the company 'BM Budmekhanizatsiya', who provided for us (in addition to ours 15) 12 more trucks. Within 32 working days, about 45 000 m³ of soil were taken out.
    ✨ Dismantling of dilapidated buildings and the development of the pit under a residential buildings in Sotsgorodok (Kyiv), Popudrenko Str. In total, 27 houses of different complexity were dismantled in stages. Task: to demolish two dozen dilapidated houses and to dig 15 pits. Duration: 9 years.
    ✨ Construction of the Sky Mall, shopping and entertainment center, by order of Arricanoo Group. Tasks: creation of a turning area, laying of communications (including the creation of a passage for communications under the bridge on General Vatutin Avenue), construction of пarking (lower and upper outdoor areas), asphalting of roads and driveways (total volume of asphalted area - 40 thousand square meters), creation of a braking strip along Vatutin Avenue. In addition, the line of the river bank was strengthened: along the Dnieper we concreted the parcel of two kilometers. Object complexity: in the arrangement of parking, it was impossible to use heavy machinery, all the work was done by small pavers. Our technique brought 120 thousand cubic meters of sand. Duration: 2 years. Involved: loaders, excavators, trucks. Gallery
  • Asphalting of roads in the cottege town Green hills Green Hills


    ✨ Construction of the cottage town Green Hills (Yurivka, Kyiv region). Tasks: construction of roads and utilities (except pipelines), earthworks. Duration: 8 years. Amount of works: 200 thousand cubic meters of soil were removed, 15 thousand square meters were asphalted, 1.300 meters of pipeline were laid. In addition, two tanks were built at the drinking water treatment plant, each with a volume of 200 cubic meters. Each tank is a monolithic bowl made of concrete with special additives. Gallery
  • Dismantling of the retaining wall of the Old Respublikansky stadium

    2010 - 2011

    ✨ Dismantling of the facilities at the Olympic Stadium as part of its preparation for EURO-2012.
    Dismantled the old stadium and retaining wall, took off 140 thousand cubic meters of soil. The teams worked in three shifts to launch the builders in time. Gallery
  • Improvement of the territory of 'Rayon' Shopping Center in Troeschina


    ✨ Excavations, laying of communications, landscaping in the construction of shopping and entertainment center 'Rayon' in Troyeshchyna (Kyiv). ✨ Demolition of the Personal Service Center in Obolon (Kyiv). Complexity: the proximity of a residential high-rise building. The stage-by-stage analysis of the old structure lasted four months, after which we started the construction of the pit and the installation of piles. ✨ The construction of the transfer platform in Troyeschina, which connects the city's train and tram. Complexity: the fastest delivery of 60 tons of sand and its layer-by-layer compaction. The team had to work in two shifts to pass the work on time. Gallery
  • Construction technics on a large object in Opolznevoe (Crimea)

    2013 - 2014

    ✨ Asphalting of the site on the territory of the official dealership "Porsche Airport "(Kyiv).
    ✨ Vertical works in the construction of shopping and entertainment center Sky Mall (Kyiv). Amount of works: took out 25 thousand cubic meters of soil, dug a pit of 12 thousand cubic meters. Part of the equipment for these works, including the hydraulic loader, was provided by the partner – the company 'Mostostroy', as all our equipment was sent to another object.
    ✨ For the construction of a five-star hotel MRIYA RESORT & SPA on the South coast of Crimea in Opolznevoe near Alupka all our equipment went, including excavators with hydraulic hammers. The contractor was a Turkish company. Customer: Porsche concern. Difficulty: distance dumps for soil removal (had to do in one direction for 30-60 kilometers).
    ✨ Restoration of the cable car on Ay-Petri near the Vorontsov Palace and construction of the cottage town. Tasks: demolition of old structures and removing of stones. Gallery
  • Removal of soil from the object - the work of dump trucks and excavators


    ✨ Vertical planning for the construction of the second stage of the woodworking plant in Korosten (Zhytomyr region). Volume: 300 thousand cubic meters of soil from an area of 15 hectares removed. The complex was built in six months. Machinery involved: four excavators. Gallery
  • Operation of hydraulic hammer during dismantling


    ✨ Dismantling of the old school on the Zemlyachka Str. (Karavaevy Dachi, Kyiv), which was involved in the crane. For two months removed 8.5 thousand cubic meters of concrete and reinforced concrete. Gallery
  • Excavator on demolition work


    ✨ Reconstruction of the roadway in the city of Makarov (Kyiv region) and nearby settlements. 120 thousand square meters of roads were paved. ✨ Reconstruction of the Park 'Natalka', which was attended by Hitachi excavators with hydraulic hammers. Dismantled and removed about 2000 cubic meters of reinforced concrete. ✨ Dismantling of the plant 'Galakton' on the Raisa Okipnaya St.. For five months, 15 thirty-ton dump trucks took out about 30 thousand cubic meters of reinforced concrete and brick. ✨ The dismantling of dilapidated school on the street Khorolsky with the removal of 12 thousand cubic meters of construction waste and the creation of the pit for eight thousand cubic meters. All work took no more than two months. Gallery
  • Hydraulic hammer on the construction site


    ✨ Reconstruction of the Kiev Zoo. Object complexity: part of the dismantled structures had to be crushed directly at the Zoo.
    ✨ Improvement of roads and driveways on the Krushelnytska Str.. Asphalted eight thousand square meters of roads.
    ✨ Laying of communications in Green Hills cottage village and during the reconstruction of Postal Square. Gallery
  • Excavator at dismantling work


    ✨ Works on the dismantling of old buildings and the demolition of dilapidated houses of a sanatorium in Kozin, Kyiv region. 11000 m³ of construction waste was developed and removed with further disposal. Renault Kerax dump trucks and excavator worked KOMATSU 450.
    ✨ Dismantling of concrete pillars from an old fence on the territory of a sanatorium in the Kyiv region. Bucket excavator KOMATSU 450, backhoe loader CAT 444 E.
    ✨ Dismantling of an unfinished monkey house according to the project for the reconstruction of the Kiev Zoo, organized with the support of the Kyiv Major Vitaly Klitschko. HITACHI, CAT excavators, VOLVO backhoe loader, TEREX crusher. Reinforced concrete structures and concrete structures were dismantled. News
  • Soilworks, asphalting, landscaping and laying of communications and the construction of a retaining wall on Amosova street in Kiev


    ✨ The new equipment of the AVTOGRAN company successfully completed a set of works on landscaping, asphalting and laying of communications in Kyiv on Amosov Street: VOLVO 420 FMX 8x6 all-terrain Dump Truck and a new generation Backhoe Loader CAT 444F2.
    ✨ AVTOGRAN is a contractor in the KMDA project for the reconstruction of the Landscape Alley in Kyiv, we carried out earthworks, transported sand and crushed stone with dump trucks, developed pits, dug trenches for laying pipelines and city utilities.
    ✨ Demolition in the Solomensky Park in Kyiv. We dismantled the building under compressed conditions. A bucket excavator and a HITACHI hydraulic shears were used. Demolition of the walls of the building, crushing of concrete and brick blogs at home and loading into dump trucks.
    ✨ Dismantling of the entrance constructions of the Kyiv Zoo was carried out according to the reconstruction project. The new entrance group is already ready for use and a fence has been installed in place of the old one. Reinforced concrete structures consisting of monolithic columns, beams and prefabricated reinforced concrete structures with a total volume of more than 1000 m³ were dismantled.
    ✨ Avtogran company carried out work on dismantling the old stage and stands, built during the USSR, in Natalka Park (Obolonsky district, Kyiv City). Now in this beautiful place on the banks of the Dnieper there is a beautiful park with a football pitch and running tracks. TOV Avtogran used special equipment for dismantling and transporting soil — Hitachi excavator and Renault Kerax dump trucks for removal of construction waste.
    ✨ The company «KievShlyakhBud» asphalted the final third layer of asphalt concrete at Oleksa Dovbush Street, Vilkhova St. and Makarenko St., as well as the bicycle paths. Dump trucks of the AVTOGRAN company worked News